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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register for GST?

If any of the following are true, you need to register for GST.

  • ¬†You had pre - gst tax registration. ( VAT, Excise, Service Tax )
  • ¬†Businesses with turnover greater than ‚āĻ40 Lakhs. additional terms apply.
  • ¬†You run an e commerce business.
We recommend talking to an advisor with us to be sure. (Free!)

What documents do I need?

  • ¬†KYC documents of directors.
  • ¬†Proof of incorporation.
  • ¬†Cancelled Cheque / Bank Statement.
  • ¬†Digital Signature.
  • ¬†Letter of authorization / board resolution.

What if I don't register?
Deliberately avoiding paying taxes will attract fines of 100%, with possible criminal prosecution. Genuine mistakes attract a fine of 10%, with a minimum of ‚āĻ 10,000.
How long will this take?
After submitting your documents with us, and making an advance payment, you will receive your GSTIN number within 5 days. An advisor will get on a call to help answer any questions about your registration.
What is a GSTIN?
All businesses registered under GST are allocated a unique number known as GSTIN.
Do I need multiple GST numbers?
If a business sells in more than one state, a separate GST registration should be completed for each state.
What is Composition scheme and when should a business opt for it?
If eligible, under the composition scheme, a business is granted certain benefits.
  • ¬†File returns only once every quarter.
  • ¬†They cannot issue taxable invoices.
  • ¬†They cannot claim any input credit.
To understand if you are eligible for this scheme, feel free to schedule a free call with us.
What are the benefits of GST registration?
  • ¬†Collect input credit.
  • ¬†Make interstate sales without any restrictions.
  • ¬†They cannot claim any input credit.

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