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We help Indian startups / companies scale up by offering virtual accounting and virtual CFO services.

Take your Startup to new heights and we will take care of your accounting & compliance needs as your Virtual CFO.

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Virtual CFO Team to Help Startups Scale Up

We’ll help manage cash flow, keep investors happy, and create strong efficiencies in the operations and business processes. Your focus on your startup growth where the finance, funding and accounting will be handled by Starters’s CFO.

Accounting & Tax Compliances

Each month, you’ll get a clear, accurate Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

We create a functional e mail account for you ( [email protected] ) that we use to automatically import your invoices, purchase orders, and communicate with your debtors and vendors.

Statutory Compliance

Our team always stays on top of govt. compliances, executing and completing tasks autonomously, always on time and in compliance with updated GST / TDS amendments.

With close to no involvement required from your end, you can focus on your business.


Payroll on Autopilot

Starters’ CFO allows you to customise your payroll workflow to be as hands-off (or hands-on) as you want—from running completely on auto-pilot, to manually adjusting employee salaries before they are transferred.

Services on demand

In a highly dynamic environment, our responsibilities as your CFO do not end at just book keeping & compliances. Our team will assist you with all ad-hoc requirements that your organisation comes up with.

Tasks performed monthly

Maintaining and managing compliances for an organization can get very complex as various filings have to be completed at different due dates.

Failure or delay in maintaining compliance leads to penalty in lakhs.

Our team acts autonomously and keeps your company in the green, without hassle or effort.

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Building on our philosophies of automating and simplifying your finance operations, we similarly take responsibilities of yearly compliances.

Here’s what’s included.

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We’ve built our organisation over the years, garnering from the experience of having served hundreds of clients, start ups, Entrepreneurs & SMEs. With a team of over 50 accountants spread over 7 locations in India, we’re onboarding a new start up everyday!

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